Friday, January 05, 2007

cuteness redefined.

The Japanese are known for their beautiful and intricate product packaging. Not to mention that they were one of the pioneers in making "cuteness" something that almost every teenage girl wanted a bit of some time back.

They'd really done it this time. How on earth did they actually manage to make food look cute???!!! I mean seriously, how much cuter can food get!!

Ok. I am overreacting a little but only because I was so excited when I opened the box which a colleague brought back from Hokkaido. I wasn't the only one. Everyone else who walked past gushed "so cccuuuuutteeee!!".

A Japanese cracker makes up the body. The head is just a simple round piece of wood. The clothes, face and hair is all printed on the wrapper. Only the Japanese would think of packaging their food like that. Ingenious! Oh.. and cute with a capital 'C'.


  1. Cute, Quaint, Kitch

    Remember that thanks to their passion for wrappings, packages, and various throw-away things they are one of the major polluting people on earth (hence the relative of having Kyoto protocol in said town and country).

    I like japanese food, but sometimes the excess in wraps does irritate me (that and cute doesn't register with me)

  2. This is really cute and dainty. I would not bear to eat these. Jap. are really creative when it comes to packaging.

  3. major polluters?? get a life...go pick on hong kong, manila, oh how bout most countries in the world...better yet...go hug a tree..fool...