Saturday, December 10, 2005

yucky stuff

Sent the little sis off today. Whilst she gets to savour all the good steak houses in the US, I get stuck back home, eating lousy s*** on the first day she's gone. Oh.. I am sssooo not jealous.

Anyways, went to this coffee shop in Hougang Ave 5 (I think). I know it's like Block 805 or something like that. Aunt wanted to eat the fish horfun from the Hong Kong Street so to accomodate we ended up having the fried fish bee hoon soup, a sliced fish horfun and some dubious looking tauhu that tasted more like fried fish cake. First, the soup was so milky it was as though I was drinking it out of the can. Second, the caixin they used in the soup was old and bitter! Then the sliced fish horfun was bland so I had to keep putting soy sauce in it but no matter how much I put it, it wasn't getting much saltier. They diluted the sauce with water! The dubious tauhu was supposedly their zao pai cai (speciality) but it was shaped oddly, tasted like fish cake and made me choke. I've had the food at other Hong Kong Street branches and they all have a certain standard. I think whoever the owner of the franchise had better look into this cos it's spoiling their reputation.

No wonder no one ordered their food. People were tucking into the braised duck rice which looked delicious. Should have just ordered that instead. Shucks.


  1. Hey Sooks! Yu here. Just wanted to let you know that if you do come over to punggol one of these days, I bring you to Punggol plaza one of these days to eat fried fish beehoon ok? It's surprisingly yum! We'll have to make a date someday! :)

  2. Okeee! anything for good food. =)