Monday, January 02, 2006

5 foodish resolutions for 2006

1. To get through to Buko Nero's phone line and book a table for dinner
2. Learn to cook without recipes
3. Cook and host a dinner party for my groupies
4. To try at least 10 new restaurants
5. To lose some weight whilst all the stuffing is going on


  1. hello. here is the comment which is long overdue. "dun be too upset that nobody reads your blog. i am one such reader. keep on writting. and i am sorry abt yesterday."

  2. who r u? what are u talking abt???

  3. hey sooks - maybe u shud also put in in your resolutions to stop changing food blogs so many times!!! I can't keep up ah hahha...

    anyway so sad i missed that lovely looking dinner you girls had :( oh well. take care darling!!


  4. ysy dun bei dek lah... you jolly well know who i am. actually who says you dun have any readers? you have another one right here. Woah now you have three readers!!! hahaha!!!

  5. opps actually its two and not three.. sorry

  6. ohh.. if it isn't the annoying darald. why didn't you just write your name? can't own up to what you're saying right! i have readers ok thank you. they're just quiet n reserved unlike you who TRIES too hard to make a statement.

    Liz: we had fun the other night but wished u were around! There can always be another one. see you soon!!