Saturday, January 21, 2006

안 녕 하 세 요 . An Nyeong Ha Se Yo

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
27 West Coast Highway #01-18/19
Yess Centre 1F

Tel: 6464 0872

Come to think of it, it's been almost a year since I started my so-called 'Korean Fever'. With the big hype of dramas (I'm a big FAN!), RAIN (huge fan!) and my latest Hyun Bin craze, it would be great sin if Korean cuisine was sorely missing from the picture.

It's the 2nd time only that I've been to Ju Shin Jung. Reason why I went back? It serves fantastic, authentic Korean food. You can tell cos you can see many Korean expats dining there. Anyways, it also came recommended by the expats on ST. That's how I caught wind of this place actually. It's one of the only Korean restaurants in Singapore that specialises in BBQs.

For the night, we ordered 3 portions of BBQ for 5 people. You need a minimum of 2 orders before they serve something like 15 free side dishes. I love their chilled tofu with chilli sauce as well as their kimchi. So for the BBQ, we had the marinated beef ribs, marinated pork belly and my favourite for the night, BEEF TONGUE! They were all good but the tongue was great! The texture of the tongue was chewy; mildly crunchy and paired perfectly with the lemon salt dip.

I have to say though, that the highlight of the night was 육회 (Yuk Hee) which is a Raw Beef dish. Something like steak tartare in France. The Korean recipe has slices of Korean pear, a raw egg yolk and some other ingredients of which I have no idea about. I loved it so much, even my mum who usually squirms at eating steak too raw kept reaching for more. The first time I ate this dish was at Arirang in Perth while I was still in school and I've missed it sorely since then.

We also had a huge beef and seafood hotpot which was ok. We ordered it cos we've never seen it other places. Bro didn't favour it much. As for me, I guess it was so-so cos it was the kind of soup that doesn't taste meaty or seafood-y or spicy. Much prefer the regular Soon Dubu or Kimchi Chigae.

Anyways, make sure a booking is made if you want to dine at this restaurant. Be prepared to wait and wait if you're lazy to pick up the phone.

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