Monday, January 30, 2006

新年快樂 - 恭喜發財

I love festive seasons, especially Chinese New Year cos it always gives me the perfect excuse to pig out. I shouldn't worry about eating bak kwa, pineapple tarts or kueh lapis cos CNY only comes once a year. But of course I know, I'm only deluding myself because I could eat all of these anyday and anytime I wanted. One of the most impt things for me at the moment is collecting Ang Pows so I can continue to fund my gastronomic hunts. Better enjoy my collection years while I still can.

Anyways, Mum's been really busy in the kitchen for the past few days preparing for the whole new year season. She never disappoints when it comes to times like this. While I'm writing this, I can already feel my bloating stomach and it's only the first day of CNY but I haven't stopped stuffing my face since reunion dinner last night. I don't know how many people are like me to have "2" reunion dinners in one night. Well, for starters, we had cold crab with lots of smooth and creamy roe and 'pan choi' which we took home from Lei Garden. I've never had it before but it was delicious and filled with many goodies that most will eat only during CNY. It has one whole abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy etc etc. Pics not very clear but you should get the idea.

After that course was over, we had to take a rest cos our stomachs were decently filled up so Mum came up with the idea of eating dessert cos we should always eat sweet after salty right?? *nod*

Mum made a creamy and smooth barley beancurd dessert. Mum tried this version of the dessert at a shop in Chinatown. Somehow, she managed to replicate it and made it even better. Had it before the 1st and after the 2nd course. So anyways, CNY must-have was my 2nd course. Steamboat. This year's steamboat tasted somewhat different. Dad had the kooky idea of putting a dollar coin into this muah-chee tasting beancurd skin package. Innovative but didn't work cos my grandpa got the lucky package but lost money at mahjong today. Heh. The beef was good this year though. It has a decent amount of marbling which made the meat a little crunchy after blanching it in the hot soup. Splendid with the soy based shabu shabu sauce.

Well that was all last night. Mum cooked up a storm for the rest of my extended family today but when everyone sat down, people started diving for the food. In the midst of the commotion (typical in a large family), I forgot to take pics to share. To give a rough picture, it involved some sotong paste stuffed in sea cucumber, ngoh hiang and pig trotters. So... excuse me whilst I go on eating for the next 14 days. The show's just begun. I can't wait.


  1. Hey gal!
    This is the first time I'm leaving u a comment. :p so sorry for not doing so earlier... aniwae, honestly, I've not been reading since the "my first cheena xp" article. heh. :p But dun fret! I've read everything at one go today! Man! u made me so hungry tt i had to wrap my arms around a tin of egg rolls while reading... *fat liao* *can feel sore throat coming...* Definitely gonna try the korean restaurant!! Oh ya! u have to try the Buko Nero place too!!! IT's really damn nice!! Xw brought me there for lunch on his bd. Simply delicious!!!oh, and the "pan choi" look sooo gd..... damn... i need to find more things to eat now... cya on sun! ;)

  2. YOU MANAGED TO TRY BUKO NERO???? NO WAYYY!!! I couldn't even get through the phone line to book a place!!!! *super jealous*

    Anyways, I've heard a lot abt it's great great food. Definitely top of my list. See my food resolutions entry for 2006.

  3. Hey gal..

    was just thinking... u shd give some ratings for ur recommendations so that it's easier to read... u noe... criteriors liek "taste, ambience, price, value for money, locations etc..." else gotta read finish everything b4 we know whether the food is good or not... maybe can add a "chop" beside those u think super duper gd ones... oso make it easier for first comers to read since they might not wanna read everything from the beginning.. :) just my 2 cents worth of suggestion. :)

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