Wednesday, January 11, 2006

small but BIG.

Being out and about today, eating again of course, made me think about how people so small can make a name for themselves just by being who they are. I told my dad that it's quite amazing that a stall in a coffee shop in a neighbourhood can attract crowds from all parts of Singapore. Granted that Singapore isn't that big an island but still, I consider it a feat that a small stall selling Hainanese curry rice located in a coffee shop in Tiong Bahru can have a strong following and thing is, it's been like this for years. I don't think this place has been publicised before on the newspapers and those food TV programs but frankly, it doesn't need it. Not at all.

Then we went driving around looking for dessert and ended up at the Zion Road Hawker Centre. Sat down, ordered some nice tasting Cheng Tng and the famous Zion Road Char Kway Teow. Whilst I was standing in line, the thought came to my mind again as I stood there staring at all the newspaper cuttings that were hung on the walls. There were headlines that went something like "small but big following" and there was even an invitation to the swearing in of our PM in 2004. As I was watching the uncle frying the kway teow, it felt like he was concentrating on making each plate taste as good as it's said to be. I felt like he was proud of what he was doing and wasn't cutting ends by frying it quicker so that customers didn't have to stand in line so long. He was basically contented. Well, all this just made me think about myself. Am I contented? Am I happy? Am I proud of what I'm doing? All these questions popped up in my head. One thing's for sure though. As I am trying to set goals of climbing the corporate ladder, there are others who are happy being where they are.

Anyways, the Zion Road Char Kway Teow is really good. It's tasty, not too wet or dry and has a smoky flavour to it. It's actually as good as the one in Toa Payoh Lorong 5. Although dad did complain that there were too much beansprouts in there.

I still prefer the Cheng Tng at Newton Circus though but the same stall sells Gingko Nut Soup which my parents loved. It's good for the brains anyways. Might help in the future when age catches up...


  1. boo! wat happened to the review on sakuraya..?! didnt get to try the char kway teow cos i was so damn full. but i'll keep it in mind and tell my friends..!!


  2. eh! how can you use my nick? use ching or something lar otherwise ppl get confused u know?? For a moment I was like thinking.. I din write that!

    yahyah.. buko nero your head. can't even get through the freaking number. why don't you try since u have so much time?? heh..

  3. wah lao!!! why no update one? so slow man!!!

  4. sooks, zion road char kway teow is really not bad. try Fok Hoi Hawker Centre, the good old Outram Road Char Kway teow, I think you will like it even better. Cheng tng, go for bedok corner opposite bedok army camp. Stall call Ye Lai Xiang, operator Andrew. It will blow you away. have fun chasing your gastronomical urges. chum

  5. Hi Sooks, Zion Road Char kway teow is really not too bad. Try Outram Road char kway teow at Fok Hoi Hawker centre, south bridge road (prefab after CNY). For cheng tng, try Ye Lai Xiang at Bedok corner, opp Bedok army camp, operator is called Andrew. It will blow you away. Good luck and have fun chasing your gastronomical urges. chum